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Is fich safer than regular cigarettes?
Nicotine delivery system fich has no tobacco oxidation process (combustion). While you use fich, you avoid getting tar into your lung, unlike regular cigarettes.
Can I use fich if I am under 18?
Fich Labs is a socially responsible company. Minors are strictly prohibited to use fich.
Is fich addictive?
Each fich pod contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. It is not recommended for non-smokers.
I've heard that people in the USA had died from smoking e-cigarettes. Can fich be dangerous to my health?
In the United States, e-cigarettes were filled with unknown liquids containing controlled substances in it. Fich pod is a completely safe nicotine-based product. Our product is certified under European standards, and it does not contain sweeteners, pulegone, E-acetate vitamin that were recognized as causes of lung disease in the USA.
How long does fich device's battery last?
Fich device battery capacity is 250 mAh that is intended for about 1.5 fich pods.
How long does a fich pod last?
One fich pod contains 0.8 ml of liquid, which equals to about 220 puffs or one pack of cigarettes.
What is the fich pod composition?
It consists of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin with the highest degree of purification (up to 99.5%) in the 30/60 ratio. Benzene carbonic acid This substance is part of tobacco. We use it to make you feel as if you are smoking a regular cigarette, yet in a much safer way. Nicotine Developed countries (USA, Germany) use this stimulant to prevent and treat diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's syndrome. Nicotine is addictive, so we use only the highest quality medical nicotine for our fich pods. We recommend using no more than two fich pods per day. Flavoring substances We carefully select and test the chemical composition of all flavoring substances before using them in the electronic nicotine delivery system fich. Flavor combinations represent the efforts of German vaping experts.
Is fich certified?
Fich device is certified under international standards: CE, RoHS, FCC. The liquid used in fich pods does not contain sweeteners, pulegone, E-acetate vitamin, and is certified in Germany.
What is included in fich device box?
Fich device box contains: - 1 device; - 1 USB type-C charging cable; - User manual.
What is the device warranty period?
Fich device warranty covers any manufacturing defects found within 12 months after the purchase.
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